Karl Marx (1818-1883) Edit

  • The Communist Manifesto (Short, not too dense)
  • Critique of the Gotha Programme (Short)
  • Wage Labour and Capital
  • Value, Price and Profit
  • The Civil War in France
  • The Holy Family
  • The German Ideology
  • The Poverty of Philosophy
  • Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
  • Das Kapital (Volumes 1, 2 and 3)
  • Grundrisse
  • Theories of Surplus Value (Volume 4)

Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) Edit

  • Principles of Communism
  • Socialism: Utopian and Scientific
  • The Origin of The Family, Private Property and The State
  • The Condition of the Working Class in England
  • The Peasant War in Germany
  • Dialectics of Nature
  • Anti-Duhring

Paul Lafargue (1841-1911) Edit

  • The Right to be Lazy
  • The Historical Method of Karl Marx
  • Evolution and Property

Daniel DeLeon (1852-1914) Edit

  • Reform or Revolution
  • What Means this Strike
  • Socialism Vs. Anarchism
  • The Burning Question of Trade Unionism

Karl Kautsky (1854-1938) Edit

  • The Economic Doctrines of Karl Marx
  • The Class Struggle
  • The Dictatorship of the Proletariat
  • Terrorism and Communism

Georgi Plekhanov (1856-1918) Edit

  • The Development of the Monist View of History
  • Fundamental Problems of Marxism
  • The Materialist Conception of History
  • The Role of the Individual in History
  • Materialism and Socialism

Herman Gorter (1864-1927) Edit

  • The World Revolution
  • Open Letter to Comrade Lenin
  • The Organisation of the Proletarian Class Struggle

James Connolly (1868-1916) Edit

  • Socialism and Nationalism: A Selection from the Writings of James Connolly
  • Selected Political Writings
  • The Lost Writings

Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) Edit

  • The State and Revolution
  • Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism
  • What is To Be Done?
  • 'Left-wing' Communism, An Infantile Disorder
  • April Theses
  • The Right of Nations to Self-Determination
  • The Two Tactics of Social Democracy in the Democratic Revolution
  • The Development of Capitalism in Russia

Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919) Edit

  • The Accumulation of Capital
  • Reform or Revolution
  • The Mass Strike
  • The Crisis in the German Social-Democracy

Karl Liebknecht (1871-1919) Edit

  • Militarism and Anti-Militarism
  • The Future Belongs to the People
  • The Main Enemy is At Home!

Anton Pannekoek (1873-1960) Edit

  • Workers Councils
  • Party and Working Class
  • Social Democracy and Communism
  • State Capitalism and Dictatorship

Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) Edit

  • The Revolution Betrayed
  • The Transitional Program
  • The Permanent Revolution
  • Results and Prospects
  • In Defense of Marxism
  • The History of the Russian Revolution
  • Terrorism and Communism
  • My Life

György Lukács (1885-1971) Edit

  • History and Class Consciousness
  • Lenin: A Study in the Unity of his Thought
  • The Theory of the Novel

Karl Korsch (1886-1961) Edit

  • Three Essays on Marxism
  • Marxism and Philosophy
  • Revolutionary Theory

Nikolai Bukharin (1888-1938) Edit

  • The ABCs of Communism
  • Imperialism and World Economy
  • Imperialism and the Accumulation of Capital: An Anti-Critique
  • Economics of the Transitional Period
  • Economic Theory of the Leisure Class
  • Historical Materialism

Amadeo Bordiga (1889-1970) Edit

  • Activism
  • Doctrine of the Body Possessed by the Devil
  • The Fundamentals for a Marxist Orientation
  • The Fundamentals of Revolutionary Communism
  • Lessons of the Counter Revolutions
  • Party and Class
  • The Democratic Principle

Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) Edit

  • Selections from the Prison Notebooks
  • Further Selections from the Prison Notebooks
  • Pre-Prison Writings

Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) Edit

  • Reflections: Essays, Aphorisms, Autobiographical Writings
  • Illuminations
  • The Correspondence of Walter Benjamin, 1910–1940
  • The Arcades Project
  • Berlin Childhood around 1900
  • Radio Benjamin

Mao Tse-tung (1893-1976) Edit

  • Where Do Correct Ideas Come From?
  • On Practice and Contradiction
  • A Critique of Soviet Economics
  • On Guerrilla Warfare
  • Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung

Max Horkheimer (1895-1973) Edit

  • Traditional and Critical Theory
  • Critical Theory: Selected Essays
  • Eclipse of Reason
  • Dialectic of Enlightenment

Herbert Marcuse (1898-1979) Edit

  • One-Dimensional Man
  • Reason and Revolution
  • A Critique of Pure Tolerance
  • Eros and Civilization

Maurice Dobb (1900-1976) Edit

  • On Economic Theory and Socialism
  • Political Economy and Capitalism
  • Theories of Value and Distribution Since Adam Smith

Theodor W Adorno (1903-1969) Edit

  • The Authoritarian Personality
  • Prisms
  • Quasi Una Fantasia: Essays on Modern Music
  • Aesthetic Theory
  • Essays on Music
  • The Stars Down to Earth and Other Essays on the Irrational in Culture
  • Negative Dialectics
  • Minima Moralia: Reflections from Damaged Life
  • Letters to his Parents
  • The Culture Industry
  • Dream Notes
  • Philosophy of Modern Music
  • Dialectic of Enlightenment

Paul Mattick (1904-1981) Edit

  • The Masses and the Vanguard
  • Council Communism
  • Nationalism and Socialism
  • Mattick – Marxism: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  • Anti-Bolshevik Communism

Guy Debord (1931-1994) Edit

  • The Society of the Spectacle
  • Comments on 'The Society of the Spectacle
  • Panegyric

Michael Parenti (1933) Edit

  • The Face of Imperialism
  • God and His Demons
  • Democracy for the Few
  • Contrary Notions - The Michael Parenti Reader
  • The Culture Struggle
  • The Blackshirts and the Reds
  • Make-Believe Media: The Politics of Entertainment
  • The Sword and the Dollar

Anwar Shaikh (1945) Edit

  • Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crises
  • Globalisation and the Myths of Free Trade

Gilles Dauvé (1947) Edit

  • Eclipse and Re-Emergence of the Communist Movement
  • Notes on Trotsky, Pannekoek and Bordiga
  • Critique of the Situationist International
  • An A to Z of Communization
  • A Contribution to the Critique of Political Autonomy
  • The "Renegade" Kautsky and his Disciple Lenin
  • On the "Woman Question"
  • Crisis of Civilization

Slavoj Žižek (1949) Edit

  • Against the Double Blackmail
  • Violence
  • First as Tragedy, then as Farce
  • In Defense of Lost Causes
  • The Sublime Object of Ideology
  • Welcome to the Desert of the Real
  • Looking Awry
  • The Fragile Absolute
  • Living in the End Times
  • Less than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism
  • The Parallax View

Paul Cockshott (1952) Edit

  • Calculation in-Natura, from Neurath to Kantorovich
  • Arguments for Socialism
  • Towards a New Socialism
  • Classical Econophysics

William Godwin (1756-1836) Edit

  • Things as They Are/The Adventures of Caleb Williams
  • An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice
  • Of Population: An Enquiry Concerning the Power of Increase in the Numbers of Mankind

Max Stirner (1806-1856) Edit

  • The Ego and Its Own
  • Stirner's Critics
  • The False Principle of Our Education

Lysander Spooner (1808-1887) Edit

  • The Unconstitutionality of Slavery
  • No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority
  • Poverty: Its Illegal Causes, and Legal Cure

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865) Edit

  • What is Property?
  • The Philosophy of Poverty
  • The General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century
  • The Principle of Federation

Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876) Edit

  • Basic Bakunin (Anarchist Federation Pamphlet)
  • Marxism, Freedom and the State
  • God and the State
  • Statism and Anarchy

Pyotr Kropotkin (1842-1921) Edit

  • The Conquest of Bread
  • Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution
  • Anarchism: A Collection of Revolutionary Pamphlets
  • Fields, Factories and Workshops

Johann Most (1846-1906) Edit

  • Anarchist Communism
  • Action as Propaganda
  • The Social Monster

Errico Malatesta (1853-1932) Edit

  • Anarchy
  • At the Cafe
  • Fra Contadini: A Dialogue on Anarchy
  • Selected Writings

Benjamin Tucker (1854-1939) Edit

  • Instead of a Book by a Man Too Busy to Write One
  • Individual Liberty: Selections from the Writings of Benjamin R. Tucker

Max Nettlau (1865-1944) Edit

  • Anarchy Through The Times
  • Errico Malatesta: Men and Movements in The History and Philosophy of Anarchism
  • History of Anarchism: Men and Movements in The History and Philosophy of Anarchism
  • Unfolding of Anarchism: Its Origins and Historical Development to the Year 1864

Emma Goldman (1869-1940) Edit

  • Anarchism & Other Essays
  • My Disillusionment in Russia
  • My Further Disillusionment in Russia
  • Red Emma Speaks
  • Living My Life

Gustav Landauer (1870-1919) Edit

  • Call to Socialism
  • Anarchism in Germany and Other Essays
  • Revolution and Other Writings

Alexander Berkman (1870-1936) Edit

  • The ABCs of Anarchism
  • What is Anarchism?
  • The Bolshevik Myth
  • Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist

Émile Armand (1872-1963) Edit

  • Mini-Manual of Individualist Anarchism
  • The Individual and Dictatorship
  • The Anarchism of Émile Armand

Rudolf Rocker (1873-1958) Edit

  • Anarcho-Syndicalism
  • Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism
  • Nationalism and Culture
  • The Tragedy of Spain

Volin (1882-1945) Edit

  • Red Fascism
  • The Persecution of the Anarchists in Soviet Russia
  • The Unknown Revolution (Three Volumes)

Nestor Makhno (1888-1934) Edit

  • The Struggle Against the State and Other Essays
  • Organisational Platform of the General Union of Anarchist

Albert Meltzer (1920-1996) Edit

  • I Couldn't Paint Golden Angels
  • The Floodgates of Anarchy
  • Anarchism: Arguments for and Against

Murray Bookchin (1921-2006) Edit

  • The Next Revolution
  • Social Ecology and Communalism
  • Post-Scarcity Anarchism
  • Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism
  • The Ecology of Freedom: The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy
  • The Murray Bookchin Reader
  • Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left
  • The Spanish Anarchists

Colin Ward (1924-2010) Edit

  • Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction
  • Anarchy in Action
  • Autonomy, Solidarity, Possibility: The Colin Ward Reader
  • Streetwork: The Exploding School

Noam Chomsky (1928) Edit

  • The Essential Chomsky
  • Understanding Power
  • Who Rules the World
  • On Anarchism
  • The Fateful Triangle
  • Manufacturing Consent
  • Year 501
  • Hegemony or Survival
  • The Political Economy of Human Rights

Alfredo M. Bonanno (1937) Edit

  • Armed Joy
  • The Anarchist Tension
  • From Riot to Insurrection

John Zerzan (1943) Edit

  • Why Hope? The Stand Against Civilization
  • Future Primitive and Other Essays
  • Against Civilization: Readings and Reflections
  • Running on Emptiness
  • Elements of Refusal

Abdullah Öcalan (1948) Edit

  • Democratic Nation
  • Democratic Confederalism
  • Declaration on the Democratic Solution of the Kurdish Question
  • War and Peace in Kurdistan
  • Liberating Life: Woman's Revolution
  • Challenging Capitalist Modernity (2 Volumes)
  • Prison Writings (3 Volumes)
  • Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization (3 Volumes unfinished)

Bob Black (1951) Edit

  • Anarchy After Leftism
  • The Abolition of Work and Other Essays
  • Defacing the Currency
  • Friendly Fire
  • Beneath the Underground

David Graeber (1961) Edit

  • Debt: The First 5000 Years
  • Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology
  • The Utopia of Rules
  • Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value
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